Since the tragic accident on July 19th in Branson, Missouri, the primary focus of Ride The Ducks has been to do everything we possibly can to ease the pain of the survivors, their families, and the families of the deceased. We are continuing these efforts in several ways, including actively seeking mediation for those affected.

We have reached out to those most impacted by the accident and offered to mediate their claims now. Mediation often leads to faster resolution and allows those affected to avoid a lengthy process of litigation, and most importantly, begin the healing process. To guide this process, experienced, independent mediators from Missouri have agreed to lead the process. Nancy Kenner and Tom Bender bring to this process years of mediation and alternative dispute resolution experience in personal injury and damage claims. They will consult with Sylvester (“Sly”) James during the mediation process.

Based on the current status of the cases and to manage the legal timeline, Ride The Ducks filed a Limitation of Liability Act proceeding, asking the Court to combine all the cases related to the accident in one proceeding in federal court and to delay all proceedings. During this delay, Ride The Ducks will continue to work to mediate all claims as quickly as possible.

Filings like this are common in claims related to maritime incidents. It allows multiple court procedures to be carried out at the same time, with the aim of a swift resolution for everyone affected by the accident. While this filing may limit the company’s liability, we are filing this request at the same time we are actively pursuing mediation and settlement with those most affected, and have already scheduled, or are in the process of scheduling mediations.

As we have from the start, Ride The Ducks continues our commitment to support all guests, employees, and members of the community who were affected by July’s tragic accident in Branson, Missouri